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The home was beautifully clean and we could tell that you spent a lot of attention to detail..really lovely!!!! August 2016

-- The Tudor's

For the firest time here, we had an amazing time. Beautiful house, got to see wildlife, and had an adventurous trip downtown. We hope to come back to this amazing house again.

-- July 2016

We took our first family trip with our two new babies and older boy and we love it here. Love how cozy this home is and the wood burning stove is amazing.

We had a lovely time at this gorgeous home. We enjoyed the silence and tranquility and a cozy fire, and the redwood view from the dining table at breakfast. Beautiful local flora with rhododendrons and huckleberries.

-- July 2016

Booya! Great place!

-- Sinisa Davis, CA

February 17, 2017

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